5 Stylish Home Safety Products

Fire Design, Amazon, Pottery Barn

Home safety should be should be a priority year-round. Make your abode safer without giving an inch on style with these home safety products.

Home safety products, like a door knocker with a built-in peephole, is very affordable.

The Ring doorbell is awesome but requires an ongoing monitoring subscription fee, which isn’t an option for some people. Defender Security’s antique brass door knocker, with a built-in peep hole viewer, is a less pricey home safety product and also adds decorative detail. $11.99 on Amazon.


Leaving a window uncovered is like inviting thieves to rob your house because it’s easy for them to see what you have and where it is.  Window privacy film is a good solution for windows where wood blinds or fabric shades don’t work well, like over a messy sink, in a steamy bathroom or a front door sidelight. No adhesive is needed for DKTIE’s static-cling glass window film is appealing, so it’s easy to apply and remove.  This home safety product is waterproof, made of eco-friendly vinyl PVC and blocks out 96% of UV rays while letting filtered light in. It also adds a pop of color/pattern without going overboard. Available on several websites (including Etsy) but priced best on Amazon. 3 sizes/$12.99-$23.99.

These fire extinguishers are home safety products with lots of visual appeal
Fire Design

Leave it to the French to design fire extinguishers so stylish you’ll want to leave yours out and display it like art, rather than stick it in a closet where it’s forgotten and not easily accessible. Fire Design offers hundreds of patterns/solid colors, a 10-year warranty and free refills. Or custom design your own canister cover. The Pied de Poule,  Spaghetti and This is Paris fire extinguishers caught my eye. $109.73. A small price to pay to, one day, save your house.


For every guest who’s said, “I can reach that,” there’s an ER bill to prove they couldn’t.  The Ultralight Slimline 2-Step Ladder is sturdy and crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum. This home safety product features an 8-1/2” deep nonslip platform for extra stability and nonslip rubber feet, holds up to 250 pounds, and has an elevated handle bar.  Not cheap at $84-$101 (2-step ladder) or $127-$143 (4-step ladder). But look at it this way. That’s less expensive than a trip to the ER.

Pottery Barn

Slippery bathroom floors are hazardous to guests and hosts alike. So it makes sense to get a grip on whatever you put on the floor. Until now, I’ve never been a fan of non-skid latex backed rugs because they always seemed to trade style for safety. Home safety products like the Morgan memory foam bath mat delivers the best of both worlds, plus added comfort underfoot. In 6 color combos and two sizes/$54.50-$64.50.

It’s never too soon to tackle the home safety problems in your home. Address and correct them now.

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