8 Ways to Cure Your Achin’ for Bacon

If you love bacon, these products are for you.
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Bacon is now one of life’s essentials. Need proof? Around the world, people are bringing the bacon home as never before with everything from bacon-of-the month clubs and bacon street fairs to bacon-themed decor. Here are eight bacon ideas for home to help satisfy those ‘achin’ for bacon’ cravings with style.

Bacon ideas for home like this vertical cooker for the grill are innovations to try.

Grilled bacon will rock your tastebuds. This stainless steel rack holds up to six slices and cooks them vertically, so grease drips down into side drainage seams. That helps prevent flare-ups and make cleaning a snap. 

LS’BABQ BBQ bacon rack, Set of 2/$26.99.

Bacon ideas for home like this oven tray set make cooking bacon less messy.

If indoor cooking is more your thing, step away from the fry pan and bake your bacon instead. Bacon ideas for home like this are getting lots of buzz for good reason. This clever rack is designed for 360 degree heat circulation around each strip of meat so everything evenly cooks and crisps up, too. No risk of splattering because the fat drains off the bacon as it bakes. Reviewers say this set works great in a convection oven, too.

EaZy MealZ bacon rack and tray set, $17.99


From Spain comes this bacon infused olive oil. It adds a light, yet tasty, layer of flavor when drizzled over burgers, steaks, eggs, and vegetables.

Hartville Cucina bacon flavored olive oil, $22.99.

E. Jane Armstrong (photographer), Amazon

Author Teresa Gilliam’s cookbook feeds the need for you-know-what with recipes from dawn through dark, as well as sharing how to cure and smoke your own bacon.  The photos in this book are so gorgeous you may be tempted to eat them. But hold tight. Instead, try the wide range of tasty recipes–like pasta carbonara and bacon crumb apple pie.  Yum.

Bacon 24/7:  Recipes for Curing, Smoking, and Eating, $24.95.

Bacon ideas for home like this wall clock add a touch of whimsey.

This might not be the clock to watch if you’re biding the time between meals. But, hands down, its message is bound to resonate with the bacon lovers in your home. 

Too Much Bacon funny quote clock,  $37.01.

Cafe Press

Here’s how to sizzle with at the beach or pool.

Bacon beach towel, $39.99.

Portland Pet Food Company

Who loves bacon even more that you?  Your dog! Now even dogs with allergies (or those on grain-free diets) can bacon up. These grain and gluten-free dog treats have pieces of bacon mixed in to the dough for authentic flavor. Made in the USA with “no artificial anything.”

Grain & Gluten-Free Bacon biscuit dog treats, $10.99


Finally–in honor of the U.K. where I tasted bacon worthy of the Crown, is an iPhone case relaying the best advice we bacon lovers have heard in ages.

Keep Calm and Eat More Bacon iPhone case, $22.14.

International Bacon Day is September 3. Now’s the time to bacon up. Or wish you had.

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