5 Affordable Energy Saving Home Products

Coast-to-coast and around the world, the heat is really on. As summer temps continue to set new records, so do electricity bills.  Finding ways to save energy has never been more important for us as individuals and as a planet. If big ticket items (like solar power, a more efficient HVAC system) aren’t in your…

Tie Dye Chic

Tie dye has returned home with an updated spin on a Sixties icon.  Tie dye chic decor delivers a modern twist of moody blues, greys and blacks with graphic punch, creating a haute yet happy vibe. That’s why every home -includiing yours- needs a touch of tie dye chic.

Patio Space Savers

Anyone who says, “size doesn’t matter,” has never had a patio or balcony with the square footage of a postage stamp. For those of us who have (or still do), patio space savers can keep guests from feeling like sardines stuffed in a can. Here’s how to give your guests enough room to raise a…