Decorative Clocks That Tick With Style

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Say goodbye to that extra hour of sleep and hello to daylight savings time. If you yawn at even the thought, no worries. Help is here with decorative clocks that make the rise from slumber easier and definitely more stylish.

Who said decorative clocks had to be boring? Nobody.
Metropolitan Museum of Art

A witty take on the melting clocks depicted in a surrealist masterpiece by Spanish painter Salvador Dali, the Salvador Dali Melting porcelain clock not only tells time but is sure to be a conversation starter, too. $50.

Heath Ceramics

Add graphic punch with the Ornament wall clock, handcrafted in Sausalito, California, by one of the most iconic pottery studios in the U.S. (dating back to 1948). Yes, decorative clocks like this are an investment, but think of it as functional art that you’ll treasure for years to come.  $364.

Museum of Modern Art

Combine performance art with time keeping and you’ve got the Alume Cube alarm clock.  Snap your fingers or tap the top of this tiny 2.75-inch cube and an LED display illuminates, revealing the time, date and temperature. $48.

Decorative clocks in unique shapes create focal points.

Crafted with natural bent-formed beechwood, the Ribbonwood wall clock not only tells time, it adds a touch of texture, shape and Mid-Century Modern style. $79.

Pottery Barn

Inspired by an antique English pocket watch, these Pocket Watch decorative clocks feature a built-in easel and comes in three sizes and four finishes.  $49.50-$79.

Decorative clocks with a retro vibe add a touch of whimsy.

Although time doesn’t stand still, the Vintage Van clock’s cool retro vibe just may make you wish it did.  $50.

Daylight savings time is on the way. So tick-tock, get one of these clocks. And then rest easy.

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