Eyes on Design for a Better World–Contemporary Ukrainian Decor You’ll Love

Contemporary Ukrainian decor will give your home a fresh update for Spring.
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Home is where the heart is. Use yours to show Ukrainian designers some much-needed love right now. Exquisitely crafted, contemporary Ukrainian decor like this will do more than give your home a fresh update for spring. It’ll help someone in Ukraine survive financially during this devastating time of war, and beyond. 

To find such decor, head to Etsy—which is putting its money where its mouth is in support of Ukraine. Etsy has deactivated all listings from Russia-based sellers.  It has canceled $4 million dollars in current balances owed by Ukraine-based sellers, and issued credits to them to help their businesses keep going online. Etsy has also curated shops that showcase digital items that many Ukrainians have pivoted toward as a means to generate income right now.

This digital dowloan was created from a watercolor painting by a Ukrainian artist.

For example, this digital download was created from a beautiful seed pod watercolor painting by Kyiv artist Angela Nagorna. She says, “Hello to everyone out there! I want to thank everyone who is trying to help during these dark, hard days. As I’ve lost my day job and can’t send any original art through postal services, your digital orders are the main source of income for me and my family right now. I am genuinely grateful for all your support and kind words. It makes me feel more confident and optimistic about the future. Let’s hope we all can watch the dawn of peace very soon.”

Physalis print digital download, $5; Etsy.


Many Ukraine artisans, like Lviv pottery makers Salome and Igor Gyba, are offering a mix of digital downloads and actual product, depending on availability, and with the understanding that it may take a little longer for orders to make it to their destination. This digital download poster is one of six in their shop. 

Salome and Igor send this message—“People of the world! You can help Ukraine in a way that is clear and easy for you. We have created digital listings, the proceeds of which will go to humanitarian or other needs in Ukraine.  We will report on the money spent on our Instagram page.

Spring digital poster for Ukraine,  $10; Etsy.

This contemporary Ukrainian decor blends modern rustic, and Scandinavian style.

Also available is hand-thrown stoneware that blends, modern, rustic, and Scandinavian style. It adds a touch of rich color, and tons of texture.

Matte glazed utensil holder,  $56.30; Etsy.

Unglazed rustic salad bowls, $27.70 each; Etsy.


Kyiv woodworkers Alla and Ihor have also added digital downloads, ranging in price from $10-$50.

Stand with Ukraine digital postcard, $50; Etsy.

With its simple geometric shape, this charcuterie serving board is a good example of contemporary Ukrainian decor.

They continue to offer a wide assortment of handmade natural oak prep and serving pieces, too.


This items are pretty, practical, and beautifully crafted, according to reviews. 

“My husband, Ihor, our children (girls, 4 and 7 years old), and I woke up on February 24 from the sounds of explosions at 5am.  In one day, our whole lives changed,” says Alla. On their Etsy page, she lists several humanitarian relief organizations that are accepting donations, and then adds this. “Let’s bring beauty and love into this world, not destruction.  Support local woodworking traditions and sustainability to make our planet a little bit better.”

Round cutting/charcuterie serving board with handle, $36 (free shipping to the U.S.); Etsy.

With its graphic interpretation of the Carpathian mountains, this rug is a perfect way to floor at room with contemporary Ukrainian decor.

This organic wool woven rug features a contemporary take on Ukraine’s Carpathian mountains and trails.

Carpathian Mountains organic wool rug, 5’ 10” x 8’; $180; Etsy.


This rustic-chic piece of contemporary Ukrainian decor is woven of 100% wool from a herd of sheep owned by Natalya (shown here) and her family who live in Kosiv.


Natalya weaves her rugs on a traditional Ukrainian loom. She says, “I come to work with a creative approach. I hope my children will inherit this craft, and will live and work in their native land.” 

Reviewers give Natalya’s product rare reviews for quality, workmanship and delivery (even during these difficult times).

These are just a few examples of contemporary Ukrainian decor available on Etsy. There’s a lot to choose from that will work in homes of any style. Since the situation in Ukraine is so fluid, digital downloads will deliver instant satisfactions. Before ordering conventional hold-it-in-your hand decor, I suggest that you private message the artisan for an update on their situation.  Then shop and show the world that when we put our collective eyes on design, we’ll help create a better world.

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