Fall Fling–Outdoor Decor You’ll Love

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With the arrival of autumn’s cooler weather, it’s time for a fall fling with outdoor decor you’ll love to use day, night and on weekends, too. Here’s how to start enjoying your yard, patio or deck more than ever.

Outdoor decor like this looks beautiful inside your home, too.
All Modern

Repot your plants into the Beaulah metal planter and give them the posh pick-me-up they deserve at this point in the year.  Crafted from two-tone galvanized iron with bronze accents, this is the kind of outdoor decor that will look beautiful in your home, too, when it’s time to bring plants inside for winter. And because there’s no drainage hole, no worries about drips on your deck or patio floor.  $49.

Williams Sonoma

Check out the sleek look of Ooni Frya’s outdoor pizza oven. This snazzy little portable oven runs on energy-efficient, sustainable sourced wood pellets and cooks authentic stone-baked pizza in 60 second flat. Also sears meat, seafood and veg; and bakes bread and fruit crumbles. $249.

This portable speaker s functional outdoor decor with a modern, minimalist look.

Mooni’s Andale LED lantern with Bluetooth speaker is functional outdoor decor with a modern, minimalist look. It also packs a lot of function into a small portable device with 10 color modes, four brightness levels and four light modes, plus stereo quality sound when two speakers are paired. The lantern can be micro USB charged or wire-free charged and runs for up to 12 hours per charge. Weather and splash resistant, it comes with a remote control.  $99.99.

Plow & Hearth

The Pine Cone portable fire pit delivers many of the benefits of an outdoor fireplace but without the high cost or commitment. Made of heavy-gauge steel, this wood-burning fire pit features a sturdy spark guard with support bands and handle, a built-in guardrail, removable cooking grill and poker fire tool.  With its pierced pinecone motif lit from the fire within, this fire pit also doubles as outdoor decor. $159.95

Outdoor decor like this is the cat's meow.

Is Night Cat’s camping tent the “cat’s meow?” With a hydraulic pop-up design that makes setup easy enough for kids to do and an interior spacious enough for a king-sized air mattress, it just might be. $89.99

Outdoor decor can be more than a pretty face as this high functioning telescope proves.
Hammacher Schlemmer

While waiting to resume in-person travel, this Smartphone enabled telescope lets you visit galaxies far, far away in a very cool way. Winner of the IHS Innovation Award at the 2020 Consumer electronics show, it uses your smartphone to analyze the night sky and guide you through a list of visible celestial objects by interacting with its built-in camera, GPS and gyroscopes.  It delivers 80 mm aperture clarity with a 900 mm focal length at a more affordable price than other telescopes I’ve seen lately. Includes with an adjustable aluminum tripod, too.  $249.95

Autumn is here. Make the best of it with a Fall fling that’s stylish, entertaining and fun.

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