Home Pops the Cork–Trendy Cork Decor

Anthropologie, Oxo, Plus Us, Williams Sonoma

Cork is an eco-friendly, versatile material that delivers a touch of nature, plus lots of texture and visual warmth. That’s why cork decor is trending high for home.

This is an illuminating touch of cork decor.

Crafted from recycled wine corks and waste material from cork production, the NUD Cork Sand pendant transforms a utilitarian light bulb into a chic form of illumination.  $118.

Cork decor often benefits from just a touch of cork a this tea kettle shows.

Sometimes less is more in cork decor. The Uplift stainless steel tea kettle takes comfort up a notch with a heat-resistant cork handle that eliminates wrist maneuvers because it automatically opens the spout when lifted.  $79.99.

Plus Us

This is the world’s thinnest (2 credit cards thick) and first-ever flexible wireless charging pad. Made of 80% cork, the Xpad provides a cooler, safer charging experience. It’s designed with adaptive smart chip technology and overcharge, foreign object protection and a LED function indicator. This charging pad is compatible with a wide variety of cell phone brands and comes with an adaptor for laptop use.  $70.

Williams Sonoma

This Cork Drawer Liner creates a protective cushioned surface that also keeps tools and utensils from sliding around when drawers are opened and shut.  It absorbs moisture but resists mold and mildew, lays flat and doesn’t buckle, and can be trimmed with scissors for a custom fit. Designed for use in drawers and on shelves. Made in Portugal from 75-year-old cork trees that are sustainably harvested. Exclusively at Williams Sonoma. 12-foot roll/$20.

Urban Outfitters

With vinyl LPs being hot again, every home needs a cool portable record player like Crosley’s Cork Cruiser. Covered in a realistic cork vinyl pattern, this player is also equipped with Bluetooth technology (for streaming music wirelessly from any hand-held device), built-in stereo speakers, a headphone jack and an AC power adapter.  $99.

No longer a utilitarian item, cork is putting on quite the stylish show. That’s worth popping the cork about!

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