How to Create a Peaceful and Stress Free Home

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After a long day, we all need a place to decompress and recharge. These days, the idea of a stress free home may seem far-fetched, but it doesn’t have to be. With home products designed to deliver peace, quiet and calmness, the zen zone of your dreams is well within reach.



Create a stress free home wth a flickering fireplace like this.
Soothing Company 

A “sure-fire” way to create a stress free home, the Ignis Harbor fireplace is ideal for small spaces. This ventless tabletop fireplace operates on liquid bio ethanol fuel (a six-liter pack of fuel is just $45.99) and is available in four finishes plus an eight-piece ceramic wood log set or pebble set. $68.00.

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While a towel warmer may seem like a luxury, it does more than take the chill off—it delivers a bit of spa-like zen we all can use. Unlike traditional towel warmers that are big, bulky and quite pricey, this towel warmer is sized right for a bathroom vanity, bedroom or mudroom; and is just $119.99.

Nothing creates a stress free home quite like the scent of bread baking.
Williams Sonoma

Fill the air with the aroma of bread baking and watch your stress free home take shape. Brod & Taylor’s folding proofer and slow cooker makes it easy to proof bread dough, slow-cook roasts, plus make one-pot meals and yogurt. It folds flat for storage when not in use. $154.95.


The Halo Bolt has brought me true peace of mind and helped me create a stress-free home. Not only does the Bolt jump-start a car, truck, or  SUV (which I’ve personally done with it), it has two USB outputs for charging multiple electronic devices. There’s also an LED floodlight which I’ve used during power outagesI’m such a believer in the Halo Bolt (which I paid full price for, by the way) that I now own two. This is a device I believe every person should own. It just makes good sense.  $89.99.

Ready to create a peaceful and stress-free home? Furnishings like these can help.

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