Love, American Style, USA Made Decor

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This Valentine’s Day, it’s time to up your game with something more than candy, flowers and a card.  Show your Valentine some love -American style- with USA made decor.  That’s how to get to the heart of the matter with style and the spirit of a passionate patriot.


Just one word was all it took for Tennessee artist Kate Roebuck to create “Crimson Kisses.”  Witty, rhythmic and filled with pucker-up punch, this wall art is created with museum-quality paper, ink and UV plexiglass, then framed in wood.  $148.

USA Made decor, like this hand mirror, is the loveliest of them all.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder of the Sybil FSC-certified Baltic birch hand mirror. This USA made decor is from California, and by Wolfum.  $38.

The ingenuity of USA made decor is evident in this peel-and-stick removable wallpaper.

With its modern spin on a classic motif, Damask is a definite head-turner. And for more reasons than you’d think. Created by New Jersey’s Repeel Wallpaper, this is a premium peel-and-stick, removable wallpaper that goes up and down, fast and easy, without messy pastes or damaging walls.  Delivers lots of wow—no commitment required. $25.49/single roll (equals 28 square feet of coverage).

Bauer Pottery

Bauer Pottery’s cookie jar not only appeals to your Valentine’s sweet tooth, it adds a pop of bright color, lots of texture and sheen, plus a decidedly retro vibe.  Made in California in 14 cool colors. $95.

Crate and Barrel

“When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amore.” Why croon when you can swoon over the real thing baked outdoors beneath the stars? KettlePizza’s Deluxe USA outdoor pizza oven kit (made in Massachusetts) transforms a charcoal grill into a wood-burning pizza oven that does its job in less than eight minutes. Kit includes one pizza frame, thermometer, pan and professional quality pizza stone.  $199.95.

Candy may be dandy but when it comes to lasting romance, there’s nothing quite like love, American style. 

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