Stylish Organizing Decor

Pottery Barn, Helen Milan, One Forty Three, Urban Outfitters, Siren Song Curiosities

With the best of intentions, we all start the new year trying to be better organized. Stylish organizing decor makes that easier -and more possible- to do year-round. Here’s how to not only resolve to do better, but to actually accomplish your goal.

Stylish organizing decor like shelf cubes corral items and transform them into collections.
Pottery Barn

Cube display shelves corral collectibles and transform them into one-of-a-kind focal points. Hand welded of antique bronze iron, each geometric-shaped shelf also adds a touch of industrial chic and is the epitomy of stylish organizing decor. $79 each.

Helen Milan

Ready to make a clean sweep of things? The Andrée Jardin and Mr. and Mrs. Clynk mini dustpan and brush can help.  Made in Nantes, France, of French beechwood, lacquered steel and a blend of goat and pony bristles, this is a quality cleaning tool that’ll last for years which makes it worth the investment. $85.  

This chic towel holder raises the bar on stylish organizer decor for the kitchen.
One Forty Three

Never been a fan of freestanding paper towel holders. They clutter up countertops and always tip over when the roll is tugged.  This hand towel holder -a modern take on a classic design- solves that because it’s made of sturdy welded steel and mounts to the wall. In two finishes (black, white) with a choice of three finial colors (gold, copper, silver).  $50.

Stylish organizing decor, like this retro inspired record stand, create hip focal points.
Urban Outfitters

Despite how easy it is to digitally stream music, more people are buying vinyl records than in decades because of the authentic sound LP’s deliver. If you’re into vinyl, check out the Aria metal storage rack.  It puts a mid-century modern spin on organizing decor, complete with album storage and a place for your retro record player.  $110.

One Forty Three

When space is tight, a nifty item like the Plywood side shelf can work wonders.  Made of molded plywood in real natural walnut, oak or teak veneer, this 11” wide wall shelf features a built-in lamp socket (available in 16 colors) and can be customized with a dimmer switch and internal plug socket.  $105.

Siren Song Curiosities

Granted, the Duck tape dispenser is more pricey than a generic tape dispenser. But piece of stylish organizing decor is made of durable cast aluminum so it’ll likely hold up a lot longer and save you money in the long run. Plus, this whimsical little desk accessory is bound to make you smile when toiling away in your home office. That’s priceless. $62.

Research from time management firm, Franklin Covey, reveals that half of all New Year’s resolutions fail and one third don’t even make it past the end of January.  Want to beat the odds? Stylish organizing decor like this can help you turn your resolution into reality with style.