Top 5 Picnic Picks for Dogs

@bertiethebutterbiscuitlovingcorgi, Facebook; DogCuterie, In the Company of Dogs

Warm weather is here. Time to head out for an afternoon of fun with your dog. Give your pup a day to remember with this summer’s top 5 picnic picks for dogs.

Picnic picks for dogs should include fine attire, like this bowtie.
@bertiethbutterbiscuitlovingcorgi, Facebook

Bertie, my corgi, has always believed that a special outing calls for fancy dress. His top picnic pick for dogs is a preppy gingham bowtie. While Bertie’s bowtie was hand-made in Scotland, 

Copper and Lily

your dog can score a similar look -minus the passport- with this gingham bowtie from Copper and Lily. Handmade of 100% cotton. $10.

These collapsible bowls are easy to pack which makes them perfect picnic picks for dogs.
Dexas Pets, Amazon

When Bertie and I were dining out with our British friends, they taught us a new trick about packing light with their corgi’s Dexas Pets collapsible travel cup that works for water or food.  Made in the USA of BPA-free silicone, these cups fold flat and feature a durable clip for use with a tote, backpack or even your belt loop. 1 cup/$7.99, 2 cups/$9.99, 1 cup with bottle holder attachment/$9.99.

Trays filled with gourmet biscuits are perfect picnic picks for dogs.

The DogCuterie board will appeal to the tastebuds of even the most finicky pooch with its variety of treats that include peanut butter, carob and pumpkin cookies; peanut butter cups, dehydrated fruits and meats and more. Plated up charcuterie-style on a 9” square handmade serving board.  $32.99.

Toys that require lots of movement are perfect picnic picks or dogs.
In the Company of Dogs

After woofing down snacks, some exercise is in order. The Outdoor Interactive Tether Tug dog toy provides your dog with a tugging partner that never tires of the game. Simply but brilliantly designed, it features a sturdy rope attached to a flexible pole that bends and flings the rope in the opposite direction when released. Toys that require lots of movement are perfect picnic picks for dogs.  3 sizes:  Small (for dogs up to 35 lbs.), Medium (35-75 lbs.) large (75-175 lbs).  $59.95-$69.95

Baxter Boo

No picnic is complete without an afternoon snooze. Carlson’s elevated portable pup travel bed allows air to circulate beneath dogs to keep them cooler and away from bugs or other critters in the grass. Similar cot-style beds are lower priced but what makes this bed better is its sturdy construction (all steel legs, heavy duty waterproof nylon bed) and clever fold-up design for easy storage and transport. Comes with a convenient carrying case, too.  Small/$41.67, Large/$49.97.