12 Days of Christmas Fun

Credit:  Inspire Positivity/Etsy, Grandinroad, Anthropologie, Uncommon Goods, Kelly Clarkson

Everyone’s a kid at Christmas, so finding ways to deliver childlike joy should be at the top of Santa’s list. If this sounds dandy as candy but time isn’t on your side, no worries. Here’s how to create 12 days of Christmas fun in the blink of an elf’s eye.

This album delivers some Christmas fun with an edge.
Kelly Clarkson Merch

For some Christmas fun with an edge, check out this Kelly Clarkson’s bluesy take on yuletide tunes. Although “Christmas Isn’t Canceled—Just You,” is getting big buzz as the best tongue-in-cheek holiday revenge tune ever, all of the songs on this CD are terrific, and will have everyone you know dancing well into the night. Widely available, but only on Kelly’s website can you score the CD with a free autographed lyric booklet.

When Christmas Comes Around…, $18.98.


An Advent calendar that’s puzzling?  Yes, when it’s comprised of twelve 80-piece puzzles—one for each of the 12 days of Christmas. Here’s an example, “Christmas at Moscow’s Red Square.”


During the last couple of years, I’ve bought several Galison puzzles. They’re high quality with gorgeous, vibrant colors. This is a gift that puzzlers will happily reuse every year.

Michael Storrings Advent Puzzle Calendar, $23.99.

Create some Christmas fun, one letter at a time. No stamps required.
Pottery Barn

Pop this nostalgic box up on your wall, give kids and grown-ups paper and a pen.  Before you know it, they’ll be posting letters to Santa with a smile.

North Pole metal wall mailbox,  $49.50.

Christmas fun is just one Amazon order away.
Adoorable Store/Etsy

Amazon 24/7 shoppers (and you know who you/we/me are), it’s time to own it. This eco-friendly door mat says it all, and is made of natural coir and hand-painted with weather-proof exterior paint.

Here Comes Amazon door mat, $41.

West Elm

Add a touch of festive chic fast and affordably with these sustainably source cotton, hand-embroidered pillow covers (in snow leopard, fox, otter and owl).

Dapper Animals pillow covers,  $29.99-$49.99.

Pottery Barn

Come gnome for the holidays, and jolly up in a kitschy cool way.

Gnome silver easel frames, $39.50-$49.50

West Elm

Santa Mouse and his Vespa are on the move, with no time to spare–whether skies are clear or filled with snow.

Mouse Snowglobe, $27.


On my Christmas mantel are candles that look like stacks of peppermint candies.  I received  them as a gift years ago and have never lit them because to me, they’re art.  Happy to have tracked down a new retailer for them, so you can get some, too.

Tag peppermint candy candlesticks,  Set of 2/$15.99.


Stuff those stockings with something that’ll get the recipients “bombed,” with no regrets the day after. When dropped into a hot mug of milk, this Belgian chocolate ball (filled with mini marshmallows) melts and creates a tasty holiday drink. Flavored with peppermint as a kicker. Christmas fun in a mug.

Frankford peppermint chocolate bomb, $2.49.


For those with wanderlust who’ve been stuck at home because of the pandemic, these stoneware dessert plates and mugs will be a sight for bored eyes. Choose from London, Paris and New York City.

Christmas Time in the City dessert plate,  $16.

Christmas Time in the City mug,  $14.

Serve up some Christmas fun with plates of travel memories.
Uncommon Goods

Shouldn’t your pet enjoy some Christmas fun, too?  For the feline with cat scratch fervor, this is the purr-fect gift—a claw-ready, laptop scratching pad.

Laptop cat scratching pad, $35.

Christmas fun with dog-gone charm.
Inspire Pawsitivity/Etsy

Here’s a dog-gone delightful way to start a conversation at any gathering while also getting your pooch off the hook for any stunts he might pull beneath the tree.

Dear Santa, I can explain reversible, over the collar dog bandana, $10.75.