5 Ways to Party Like a Royal During the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebration

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On June 2, Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee celebration kicks off across the pond. U.K. and U.S. bonds have always been strong (except for the little rebellion thing and dumping all that tea in the harbor), so let’s join in the fun, too. Here are five stylish ways to party like a royal and treat your home to some Jubilee style.

Because time is of the essence, I’ve honed in on items that can all be found stateside, with a focus on Amazon because of their fast delivery. Except for one—the ultimate Platinum Jubilee Celebration keepsake, and worth the wait to arrive from across the pond. 

To set the tone for your Platinum Jubilee celebration, start by decorating with bunting like this.

Set a festive tone for your Platinum Jubilee celebration with Union Jack bunting. This classic string covers 33 feet and features 38 flags, so you’ll have plenty of it to deck out the inside and outside your home. When I ordered mine, Amazon delivered it in 48 hours.

Anley United Kingdom flag bunting, Amazon; $7.95.

A cup of tea is a must during every Platinum Jubilee celebration.

For a proper Platinum Jubilee celebration, a tea party is a must. Fortnum & Mason first blended Royal Blend tea in 1902 for King Edward VII, Queen Elizabeth II’s great-granddad. Since then, it has been a favorite of the Royal household. It’s one of my favorites, and I bet it will become one of yours, too. At Williams-Sonoma you’ll get the best price, and since it’s carried in their stores you can get a tin of tea fast.

Fortnum & Mason Royal Blend loose tea, Williams-Sonoma; $19.95.

Amazon, Williams-Sonoma, To Home From London

Tea and biscuits (or cookies, as we’ve dubbed them in the US) go hand-in-hand, so pay homage to the Queen’s precious palace pooches with this Pembroke Corgi cookie cutter.

Bakerology Pembroke Corgi silhouette cookie cutter, Amazon; $10.


This charming mug by Brit designer Emma Bridgewater celebrates The Queen’s Green Canopy initiative, created to mark her Platinum Jubilee by inviting people from across the UK to plant trees until the end of this Jubilee year.  For every mug purchased, a donation will be made to support this eco cause. This mug is sold out on every UK website I checked, so grab yours while you can.

Emma Bridgewater Rainbow Toast Jubilee Tree Planting mug, Amazon; $39.

Pay homage to the queen's corgis during the Platinum Jubilee celebration with an art print like this.
To Home From London

So far, the Queen has owned over 30 corgis (and they’ve become as much as symbol of the crown as the jewels and some of the members of the royal family). That’s what makes this contemporary watercolor print the must-have keepsake of the Platinum Jubilee celebration. 

It features Marcel le Corgi, the UK’s most famous corgi on social media who’s also a volunteer therapy dog, co-founder of the UK Corgi Club and “corgi-about-town” charmer of celebs like Dame Judi Dench and Helena Bonham-Carter.  4% of proceeds from the collection will be donated to Queen’s Best Stumpy Dog Rescue.

Royal Arms Platinum Jubilee at print, To Home From London, £15 ($18.82 US).

Bertie, the biscuit loving corgi

The Platinum Jubilee celebration is about to begin. No matter where you live, or whether you’re a person or pet (like my corgi, Bertie, who is named after the Queen’s father), let’s party like royals in honor of Britain’s longest reigning monarch, and say, “Well done, Ma’am!” 

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