7 Dog Water Safety Products Your Pooch Needs This Summer

Dog water safety products like these will help keep your dog safer this summer.
Outward Hound, Slson, Dogrobes®, Safety Turtle, PetStep

These are the dog days of summer when people and pooches alike are trying to beat the heat. Whether your fur baby is paddling in the the pool, swimming in the lake, or catching a wave in the sea, dog water safety products like these will help keep him safer this summer.

It’s estimated that thousands of family dogs die by drowning annually, and the real number may be higher because experts say that most incidents go unreported. That’s why investing in dog water safety products like these is the responsible thing for pet owners to do.

Pool fences are a must for homes with dogs.

Quality pool fences don’t come cheap but for homes with dogs (and kids), they’re a must. This no-dig vinyl fence is worth checking out because it has tightly spaced pickets, a sturdy base, and is easy to adjust/expand. It’s designed for use with puppies and small dogs. 

Zippity Outdoor Products portable puppy fence, 2 panels (7 feet of fence)/$82.

Safety Turtle

This cute little turtle is actually a pool alarm attachment for your pooch’s collar.  This dog water safety product works with a wireless alarm base that’s placed within 200 feet of your pool. If your dog falls or jumps into the water, the turtle signals the base to set off an alarm. For homes with more than one dog, additional turtle attachments can be purchased and they’ll all work with the same base.

Safety Turtle 2.0 pool alarm kit, $189.99. 

Safety Turtle 2.0 additional pet adapter, $73.99.


A pool ramp makes it easy and safe for dogs to enter and exit the water. Constructed of sturdy fiberglass-reinforced plastic, this pet ramp can be used in or out of the water. It has a gentle slope, a non-slip ridged rubber surface for traction, and folds for storage.

Dog water safety products, like a pool ramp, will help dogs not drown.

To convert the ramp for pool use, add the ramp stabilizer and aluminum pool legs (with rubber feet).

PetStep ramp & pool kit, $215.99-$275.99.

Dog water safety products, like a life jacket, are essential.
Outward Hound

While some dogs are natural swimmers, others aren’t—think short-legged, long-bodied breeds like dachshunds and corgis, or bulldogs with rotund weigh distribution. Even strong swimmers can overdo it and get too tired to remain afloat. That’s why every dog needs to don a life jacket before going swimming, boating, or even poolside (in case he suddenly jumps in).  

Dog water safety products like this should made of durable waterproof materials and reflective trim to make it easy to spot your dog in the water. Lifejackets should fit snugly, and have a handle to help you grab, then lift your dog out.

Outward Hound dog life jacket, $25.81-$28.32.


Chlorine has the same effect on dog hair as it does on human hair—it dries and bleaches it out, and strips it of natural oil. Salt and lake water also have negative effects on your dog’s coat. This portable silicone attachment turns a water bottle into a portable bathing tool, making it easy to rinse all that damaging gunk out of your dog’s hair.

Impressa outdoor water sprayer attachment, Set of 2/$10.99.


After swimming, your dog will likely be thirsty. However, dogs (like people) shouldn’t drink salt water, chlorinated water or lake water, or they risk getting sick or even poisoned. To keep your dog safe, let him wet his whistle in a space-saving travel bowl filled with drinking water.

Slson collapsible dog bowl, Set of 2/6.99-$14.99.


Although it’s doggone hot outside, your dog may get chilled if he rides home wet or damp in a vehicle with the A/C cranked up. This robe, made in Scotland, features moisture-wicking fabric that speeds up drying time, traps air and body heat to maintain your dog’s body temperature, and keeps his muscles warm after exercise.  For years, my corgis have worn these robes (which I bought—no discount/freebies). So I can tell you—they work. 

Dogrobes®, £21.95-£51.95 ($26.94-$63.77)

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