Tie Dye Chic

Tie dye has returned home with an updated spin on a Sixties icon.  Tie dye chic decor delivers a modern twist of moody blues, greys and blacks with graphic punch, creating a haute yet happy vibe. That’s why every home -includiing yours- needs a touch of tie dye chic.

Patio Space Savers

Anyone who says, “size doesn’t matter,” has never had a patio or balcony with the square footage of a postage stamp. For those of us who have (or still do), patio space savers can keep guests from feeling like sardines stuffed in a can. Here’s how to give your guests enough room to raise a…

Modern Enamelware

Prepare to be enamored with modern enamelware—a classic gone contemporary. Made of lightweight metal with a durable porcelain finish (as it has been for centuries), today’s enamelware is all about clean lines, simple silhouettes and a sophisticated use of color. Understated, chic and versatile, this is a look that’s at home everywhere–from urban lofts and modern farmhouses…