Fun Decor That Will Make You Smile

Anthropologie, Uncommon Goods, Peleg Design, West Elm

Light-hearted, colorful, and functional, too, fun decor makes home-sweet-home a welcome sight, especially after a long day away. Layer items like these into your existing decor, then watch as they do what they do best–make you smile.

Add a touch of fun decor with angry kitten planters.

When I saw the Kitten planter by sculptor Liz Davies, I couldn’t help but laugh and think…if someone stuck a plant on my head, I’d look as annoyed as the felines featured on these vases. This fun decor is made in England of hand-painted stoneware. $24.

A banana bluetooth phone is functional fun decor at its best.
Uncommon Goods

The Bluetooth Banana phone should a-peel to anyone looking to liven up their talk time.  Made of 100% recycled plastic with a USB-rechargeable battery that last for 10 hours.  $40.

Peleg Design

Inspired by the way momma penguins protect their young, Egguins snugly cradle six eggs whether in the fridge, boiling water or on the breakfast table. $20.

Set the table with fun decor that'll make kids laugh, like this dinosaur taco holder.
Uncommon Goods

The Nachosaurus snack and dip set is a dino-mite way to chow down.  $15.


Sylvie Tamsin lacquered bentwood chairs add a touch of garden beauty to any room. Now that’s something to smile about. $108.

We can’t change a lot of what’s going on in the world. But we can change how we react to it. That’s what decor like this helps us do in a small, but fun way.