Kitchen Towels with Swag

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Kitchen looking a little washed up?  Hit the refresh button fast with a kitchen towel that speaks its mind with style and attitude. Here’s how to give everyone on KP duty something to talk until the last dish is dried.


The “Peas Romaine Calm & Carrot On” kitchen towel puts a gardener’s spin on an iconic English phrase. $19.99.

Moonlight Makers/Amazon

Cross a classic Annie Lennox tune with cheese and this is what you get. The “Sweet Dreams Are Made of Cheese” kitchen towel is handmade in Asheville, North Carolina. $12.

Every dog owner can attest to the truth that this kitchen towel speaks.
The Timmy Trust/Etsy

With two corgis underfoot, the “Every Meal You Make” towel pretty much describes life in my home, one of 78 million U.S. households with a dog in residence.  $10.

This kitchen towel is the cat's meow.
Primitives by Kathy/Kitchen Kapers

Cat owners tell me the “If Cats Could Talk” tea towel sums up the feline disposition perfectly.  $8.99.

PCB Home

The “Don’t Go Bacon My Heart” bar towel puts a tasty spin on a famous Elton John song. $9.

Knoll Wood Lane/Etsy

For cooks who accept no bull, the “Deju Moo” kitchen towel says it all. $10.

KA Rustic Designs/Etsy

“Alexa, Do the Dishes.” If only.  $15.

This kitchen towel is relevant, even today.
Alison Gardiner/Amazon

If women do more than their fair share of kitchen duty in your house, the “Suffragette Votes for Women” kitchen towel is a cheeky call for equality.  Made in England.  $15.

More eco-friendly than disposable paper towels, cotton kitchen towels like these are also economical—they’ll last for years with little care required. They also deliver a dose of stylishly dry humor that’ll make even doing dish duty seem like fun.

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