Little Luxuries We All Deserve

David Austin Roses, Cuisinart, Sur la Table, Tiffany & Co., Emma Bridgewater


A house is more than where you hang your hat. It’s your home— the place we count on for solace and smiles no matter what is happening around us. That’s why what we put in and around our homes matters. And why little luxuries like these are something we all deserve, now and then.

Tiffany & Co.

There’s something magical about that little blue box from Tiffany & Co.—I’ve saved mine for years. This bone china version of the jeweler’s iconic box is sized right to hold rings or earrings. Little luxuries like this are worth every penny. $200

Sur la Table

Made in Italy of high quality linen, the Flatware kitchen towel will last for years. It’s also beautiful to look at and to touch. I know because I own it. $20.

A relaxing cup of tea is one of life's finest little luxuries.
Emma Bridgewater

A piping hot cup of tea is one of life’s little luxuries and finest things, so do it right. Investing in a proper English earthenware teapot like Emma Bridgewater’s Buttercup. From this pretty little pot you can pour two cups of pure sunshine.  $71.95.

A bowl of homemade icecream is one of life's most tasty little luxuries.
Williams Sonoma

Why settle for store bought when you can make 1 1/2-quarts of homemade ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt or sorbert in less than 20 minutes with Cuisinart’s Ice 22 ice cream maker?  It comes with an extra bowl so you can make consecutive batches quickly.  $89.95.

Little luxuries like home-grown roses are something everyone should experience.
David Austin Roses

Little luxuries like home-grown roses are something everyone should experience. Gertrude Jekyll (named after one of England’s most famous gardeners) is my favorite rose for several reasons. It repeat flowers (with up to 80 petals on the bush) from Spring to Fall.  Blooms are an exquisite shape, texture and color with a strong, perfectly balanced Old Rose scent. This is also a very sturdy rose bush that yields lots of flowers you can cut and enjoy in your home.  Bred in England, grown in the US (in Tyler, Texas) and guaranteed for 5 years. $30.